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Jerome Podwil is one of my favourite cover artists. I have more scans of his ‘gothic’ cover art over on my other blog. This cover for Nightmare – (written by Edward S. Aarons, a prolific thriller writer whose career spanned from the 40’s – 70’s) – is gorgeous, and I just love her hair!

Nightmare by Edward S. Aarons. Macfadden second printing October 1967. Cover art Jerome Podwil.


Pain roared through his shoulder. He couldn’t see beyond the intolerable, torturing glare. The dwarf’s voice came from somewhere beyond the haze.

“I have a girlfriend you know,” it whispered. “She plays at being a nurse. She likes to watch me work, because she wants to see men suffer. She always hopes there’ll be lots of blood. Now don’t scream…”

Nolly gritted his teeth as the probe went in. He was taking a long chance – but otherwise he’d be dead by morning…

My, my, my, this book seems to have a bit of something for everyone – a private eye being probed by a twisted dwarf and his sadistic nurse girlfriend… what’s not to love?

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