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They were young, married and doing what comes supernaturally!

For the first time in book form – the hilarious extra-sensory relations between America’s most over-hexed husband and his all too enchanting wife…

Samantha –

A witch in wife’s clothing.

A perfectly charming lady with earthbound tastes, magical twitches, and some ideas about love that are out of this world.

Bewitched. A novel by Al Hine.

First Dell printing February 1965.

Over-hexed? Extra-sensory relations?! Whoever wrote the back copy sure earned their money for this one! Bewitched was one of my favourite TV shows growing up. One of the funniest characters was Samantha’s mum, Endora. A quick flick through the pages of this book and I’m pleased to see she makes an appearance! So my Halloween reading is sorted!


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