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The Haploids

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The Haploids..

It began in Union City when they brought in the man who screamed before he died, his flesh a mottled gray. Then it spread. The disease hit South Bend. Then Chicago. Men dying. Their skin a lead gray, their lips browned, and screams tearing their way up through throats that leaked blood. Always men. Never women.

And then it was all so fantastically clear. Men were being exterminated, and a master race of haploid women were going to rule the world. And nobody could stop them.

Copyright 1952 Jerry Sohl. First Lion Edition January 1953.

Dedicated to Dr Wayne Wantland, who created the first Haploid.

And nobody could stop them…. Well, my money’s on Travis, the hardbitten news-man laid up in Union City hospital the night they brought the first haploid victim in. Maybe it was the horrible death he just witnessed or the oh-so peachy blonde with a syringe seen skulking around the dead guy’s room, but his curiosity has been aroused and he’s not letting go.

I started reading this on Sunday and I must say, I’m enjoying the ride! I haven’t quite found out who or what Haploids are yet, though there are some useful pointers on the inside cover –

You have been warned!!!

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