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The Deep Range

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Another undersea adventure with some more great cover art by Paul Lehr.

The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke. Signet second printing July 1974.


He was a misfit – a space-ship engineer who had developed such fear of outer space that he could no longer function.

Permanently separated from his wife and children on Mars, he faced a terrible future back on Earth – unless through psychiatry he could create a new life as a warden of the oceans’ depths.

Taut with excitement and suspense, this is a thrilling novel of tomorrow and a fascinating picture of the weird and sometimes terrifying life beneath the seas in a future when submarine patrols harvest the water’s wealth to feed the world.

Undersea Sixties Sci-fi

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Today‘s the first day this year I’ve actually braved a swim in the sea – and it was cold! I’m still in a watery mood though, so here are a couple of books based on underwater adventures. Both cover illustrations beautifully done by Paul Lehr. Some great scans of more of his work can be seen over at Monster Brains.

Conquerors from the Darkness by Robert Silverberg

First Dell printing September 1968

A thousand Years in the future, the earth has been conquered by an alien race and covered by a single sea. Dovirr Stargan, who is disgusted with the servility of his life on the floating city of Vythain, longs to become one of the Sea-Lords, who roam the sea as powerful protectors of the cities. Dovirr gets his wish, but the return of the alien race brings unexpected and critically dangerous crises to his new life as he learns the real, sometimes terrible, significance of power.

The Dolphins of Altair by Margaret St. Clair

First Dell Printing May 1967.

Before the dawn of man…

…there was a covenant between the land and sea people – a covenant long forgotten by those who stayed on shore, but indelibly etched in the minds of the others – the dolphins of Altair.

Now the covenant had been broken. Dolphins were being wantonly sacrificed in the name of scientific research, their waters increasingly polluted, their numbers dangerously diminished. They had to find allies and strike back. Allies willing to sever their own earthly bonds for the sake of their sea brothers – willing if necessary, to execute the destruction of the whole human race…