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The first time Britt saw the girl in the tight, thin dress he knew damn well he was going to have her, or go to hell trying. But he hadn’t reckoned then on the girl’s husband, a sadistic runt of a guy who’d smash in a man’s skull as happily as blink at him. He hadn’t reckoned on Newt, the lecherous, broken man who couldn’t bear to see other men whole. Worst of all he hadn’t reckoned on Ruby, the two-bit floozy who knew every conniving trick of her trade.

By the time he discovered the trap these people were building for themselves – and for him – it was too late, way too late, to get out…

Copyright 1951 by Jack Sheridan. Third Printing, November 1959.

In celebration of the glorious British summer we’ve been having this year, here’s my Gold Medal contribution. I love this cover – as dramatic and storm-tossed as any I’ve seen.


Safer Dead

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The editor of a monthly crime and detective magazine assigns to two of his staff writers, Sladen and Low, the investigation of the strange disappearance of an unknown showgirl. The disappearance was reported fourteen months earlier, but the trail is cold. The police, with nothing to work on, have lost interest. The assignment doesn’t look hopeful.

However, the investigators start asking questions and almost immediately things begin to happen. Witnesses are murdered, an attempt is made to do away with the investigators. The police once more open the case. The disappearance of the showgirl is found to be only a minor part of a ruthless plot.

Safer Dead has the authentic James Hadley Chase touch, which has deservedly earned him the title ‘Master of the Art of Deception’. It moves with the pace and power of forked lightening.

Robert Hale Ltd. Made and printed in Great Britain by John Gardner (Printers) Ltd. First published 1954. This edition reprinted December 1956.

Another gorgeous James Hadley Chase paperback to compliment  I’ll Bury My Dead, included in an earlier post. This cover is illustrated by James Pollack who did the cover on Harley Street Hypnotist, below. 

Happy Birthday Poe

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This superb selection from an unrivalled classic brilliantly reflects the two-sided genius of…

Edgar Allan Poe.

The nightmare terror of
The Pit and the Pendulum

The gruesome horror of
The Fall of the House of Usher

The devilish logic of
The Murders in the Rue Morgue

The fiendish mystery of
The Purloined Letter etc.

These Flawless stories are the work of a master who has chilled the spines of readers for over a century.

First published 1960 by Pan Books Ltd. Tenth printing 1965.


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Jerome Podwil is one of my favourite cover artists. I have more scans of his ‘gothic’ cover art over on my other blog. This cover for Nightmare – (written by Edward S. Aarons, a prolific thriller writer whose career spanned from the 40’s – 70’s) – is gorgeous, and I just love her hair!

Nightmare by Edward S. Aarons. Macfadden second printing October 1967. Cover art Jerome Podwil.


Pain roared through his shoulder. He couldn’t see beyond the intolerable, torturing glare. The dwarf’s voice came from somewhere beyond the haze.

“I have a girlfriend you know,” it whispered. “She plays at being a nurse. She likes to watch me work, because she wants to see men suffer. She always hopes there’ll be lots of blood. Now don’t scream…”

Nolly gritted his teeth as the probe went in. He was taking a long chance – but otherwise he’d be dead by morning…

My, my, my, this book seems to have a bit of something for everyone – a private eye being probed by a twisted dwarf and his sadistic nurse girlfriend… what’s not to love?

The Deep Range

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Another undersea adventure with some more great cover art by Paul Lehr.

The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke. Signet second printing July 1974.


He was a misfit – a space-ship engineer who had developed such fear of outer space that he could no longer function.

Permanently separated from his wife and children on Mars, he faced a terrible future back on Earth – unless through psychiatry he could create a new life as a warden of the oceans’ depths.

Taut with excitement and suspense, this is a thrilling novel of tomorrow and a fascinating picture of the weird and sometimes terrifying life beneath the seas in a future when submarine patrols harvest the water’s wealth to feed the world.

House of Secrets…

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Welcome to House of Secrets, an online depository for some of the bad, the beautiful and the downright  bizarre books I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon over the years (& years!)I’ve spent rummaging around in the darker corners of arcane bookshops and specialist book fairs.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex,  I buy, sell and collect vintage pulp fiction from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – in particular horror and gothic romance. I also create unique gifts with a gothic twist and will be posting some photographs soon. Check out the Events page for details of Markets etc where I will be trading.

Any questions, feedback or if you just want to say hi, please email me via the contacts page.